24 Hours in Paris: The 3rd Arrondissement

Since it’s Paris Fashion Week, what better way to hang out in the City of Light than celebrity-spotting in the most stylish neighborhood of them all: the 3rd arrondissement. Known locally as the upper Marais, the area is an eclectic mix of art galleries, showrooms, cafes, boutique hotels and world-class cocktail bars – you're also most likely to bump into everyone in the industry from designers and models to stylists and bloggers. Expect to see a bevy of international fashion editors sipping tiny espressos between shows and hip students flaunting their latest thrift store finds.

24 Hours In Paris: The 4th Arrondissement

We're moving back to the heart of the city this week. The 4th arrondissement is one of the most-visited neighborhoods, by both locals and tourists. With all the things you can do – from visiting iconic, historical sites to the one of the most fabulous shopping spots in Paris, not to mention the nightlife in the Marais – 24 hours will hardly suffice for your visit. Here, you will also rub shoulders with the Marais Girls who embody the French joie de vivre with their eclectic and oh-so-trendy style

24 Hours In Paris: The 5th Arrondissement

In this instalment, we finally cross the river Seine to the iconic Rive Gauche (left bank), where you will find many traces of past. The 5th arrondissement is one of the oldest parts of Paris, known as the Latin Quarter, and is home to some of most prestigious universities and schools in the city, such as La Sorbonne. We can't deny that this area is one of the most touristic parts of town but you will always find hidden gems among the major attractions. If you want to stand out from your fellow visitors, take style cues from the bookish, bohemian students who frequent the area. They certainly give Gucci’s models a run for their money.

24 Hours In Paris: The 6th Arrondissement

We are in the 6th arrondissement this week where you will find many traces of literary icons from the past. While the area lacks tourist sights, it still offers many places to visit from one of the most beautiful gardens in the city to an old abbey from the golden age and no shortage of cultural hubs where writers and artists used to come to exchange insights. This seemingly bourgeois district has many surprises in store for you.

24 Hours In Paris: The 7th Arrondissement

Finally, we've made it! We've arrived at the 7th arrondissement, the home of the most iconic landmark of Paris and, perhaps, France: the Eiffel Tower. The 7th is also one of the most expensive areas to live in the city with major tourist sites and government buildings. While 24 hours definitely isn't sufficient enough to cover everything, it is enough to see the main features and get a glimpse of culture-rich Parisian life that inspires classic French girl fashion.

24 Hours In Paris: The 10th Arrondissement

Unlike many understated arrondissements in Paris, the 10th has been on the hip crowd's radar for a long time, since the Canal Saint Martin has become one of the city's must-sees. Even so, the area hasn't really taken off with tourists, but it has become a local favorite, where people regularly come to enjoy pop-up concept stores by day and some of the trendiest bars by night. It may be difficult to fit it all in in just 24 hours, but here's our guide to experiencing the preferred hangout of Parisian hipsters and cool kids.

24 Hours In Paris: The 11th Arrondissement

While we all have a good mental image of what a Parisian girl looks like, her style can drastically change depending on what part of town she’s from. So, we came up with the idea of bringing you a travel guide to all of Paris’ 20 arrondissements – and what do do in each one if you only had 24 hours. Outfit ideas included.

So we’re kicking-off the series in the 11th arrondissement: it’s home to the WTG offices, and just so happens to be a shopping haven for lovers of artisanal products, full of brilliant cafes and the heart of a strong nightlife scene.

24 Hours in Paris: The 13th Arrondissement

This week we cross back over the river Seine to the 13th arrondissement, which is one of the city's most eclectic neighborhoods. It's largely unknown to tourists, but with its bustling Chinatown, the 13th has become known by many as the place to find great Asian food. One day is enough to cover all the distinct districts: from charming hotels and cool cafes to the city's national library and riverside rooftop parties, you're in for a great ride.

24 Hours In Paris: The 16th Arrondissement

If New York has the Upper East Side and London has Kensington, then Paris has the 16th Arrondissement. This wealthy neighborhood is filled with wide avenues, big buildings and clusters of interesting museums – as well as the city's second-largest park and one of most-visited tourist attractions in the world. Get ready to dress up and rub shoulders with the locals, who most definitely have closets full of chic, designer clothes.

24 Hours In Paris: The 18th Arrondissement

In the 2001 French film Amélie, the titular character lives in a charming apartment in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, which really establishes the artsy vibe of the whole neighborhood. There are many ways to take in the area: its diverse community and major tourist attractions offer everything from peaceful and charming backstreets to vibrant cafes and lively nightclubs, making it a must-see for any visit to the city.

24 Hours in Paris: The 19th Arrondissement

This instalment will take you up north to the 19th where you will find many of the city's hippest happenings, especially around the Canal de l'Orucq where Paris' cool crowd flock during the summer months. The neighborhood is also home to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, one of the city's most romantic outdoors spaces. As the former hipster hotspot, the Marais, is becoming more expensive and exclusive, several cafe owners have moved north for the lower prices and younger crowd.

24 Hours In Paris: The 20th Arrondissement

Paris always has some tricks up its sleeves when it comes to hidden gems waiting to be discovered: the 20th arrondissement might not initially appear on your agenda when you visit the City of Light, but this north-eastern district offers some of the best views of the Paris skyline, and is home to the city's contemporary, bohemian art scene. Though it may lack major attractions, you're bound to get up close and personal with famous writers and artists.